{Olive + Daisy Fabric Orders }
Please expect 2-3 weeks for delivery while it gets printed for you though we will try to endeavour to get your order earlier.
Fabrics are printed on a beautiful linen union, composition 47% linen and 53% cotton, 140cm wide. The tumbled and chunky 100% linen base cloths. All fabrics are dry clean only.
Samples are available and cost £1.25 and measure 10x12cm.
{ Olive + Daisy Wallpaper Orders }
Wallpapers are printed to order and therefore can take 3-5weeks for delivery.
Samples are available and cost £1.25, each sample measures 10x12cm.
{ Characteristics of Linen }
Linen is a natural product made from a flax plant. The long fibres of the flax plant have a natural vegetable wax coating, which creates a subtle sheen when woven together in a textile. The flax plant’s fibre is naturally strong, soft and light; linen is breathable and durable. It’s a natural off-white colour. It wrinkles easily but can be pressed flat with an iron. The natural fibres of the flax make the woven textile slightly bumpy with a smooth finish.
The natural characteristic of linen means that within the yarn you can get “slubs”, or small knots that occur randomly along its length this is inherent in purchasing a natural fabric. Also the dyes can take differently to different batches making slight colour variations with batches, again this is inherent in purchasing a linen product, it’s not perfect it has imperfections which are the part of purchasing a linen product. You have to expect little marks and knots within you purchase fabric from us as we are passionate about using a natural product that is UK woven and UK digitally printed, so please make sure when you are purchasing a product from our website all these things are taken into consideration.

{ Colour }
The colour of our fabrics may vary slightly from batch to batch.
We do try to make sure that both our imagery and any descriptions illustrate and represent the colour correctly, however both of these are open to interpretation which we can’t be responsible for. We would always recommend purchasing a sample before ordering cut lengths.

{ Washing Instructions }
We recommend Dry Clean only on all fabrics.